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Canine Neuter Simulator

Product code: MZ03769

Product description: Canine Neuter Simulator

This Canine Neuter Simulator allows students and instructors to practice the canine neuter procedure and, with a small replacement kit, reassemble and practice again!

This model includes a replaceable skin and replaceable testes. The Testes each have two simulated vessels to replicate the vas deferens and the vascular supply and are covered with a pouch layer to mimic the tunica albuginea. The reusable base has a raised ridge that represents the penis for palpation purposes and a tube that represents the urethra. When covered with lubricating gel, the testes can be advanced for a pre-scrotal approach. They can then be amputated through either a closed or an open technique. The skin incision can be closed after the procedure.


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