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Postpartum Hemorrhage Kit - PROMPT Flex

Product code: SM03667

Product description: Postpartum Hemorrhage Kit - PROMPT Flex

To be used in conjunction with the Birthing Simulators - PROMPT Flex Standard or Advanced, this add-on kit is the ideal simulated training solution for the management of postpartum bleeding and care, including performing a compression suture and ligating the uterine artery.

Containing our Post Partum Hemorrhage and Compression Suture modules, as well as a Pre-Incised delivery skin for CSM, this kit is optimized for delivering the following skills to trainees:
  • Management of postpartum bleeding:
  • Fundal massage
  • Bi-manual compression
  • Hemostatic balloon insertion and management
  • Estimating blood loss
  • Compression suture (including B-Lynch, Hayman and Pereira)
  • Dissection of broad ligament
  • Ligation of uterine arteries
  • Professional-to-patient communication skills
Built with versatility and realism in mind, the PROMPT Flex birthing simulator features a realistic pelvic floor, articulating thighs for the McRoberts procedure, a stretchable perineum, flexible birthing canal, and optional lower legs to simulate birthing in an all fours position. PROMPT flex product care is simple, and is Latex free.
For extended use, additional modules include:
  • Cesarean-section
  • Cervical Dilatation & Effacement
  • Compression Suture Uterus
  • Cervical Cerclage
  • Lower Legs



  • Blood loss of up to 2 liters can be simulated
  • Air bulbs are used to simulate blood flow and control atonic state of uterus
  • Multiple uses when conducting the compression suture 
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage Module - PROMPT Flex
  • Compression Suture Uterus Module - PROMPT Flex
  • Pre-incised Delivery Skin for CSM - PROMPT Flex
  • Birthing Simulator PROMPT Flex - Standard (Light Skin Tone)
  • Birthing Simulator PROMPT Flex - Advanced (Light Skin Tone)


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