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Male Rectal Examination Trainer - Standard (Light Skin Tone)

Product code: SM03602

Product description: Male Rectal Examination Trainer - Standard (Light Skin Tone)

The Standard Male Rectal Examination Trainer focuses on the learning of core rectal nursing procedures. Extensively tested, this model offers realistic, repeatable training of digital rectal and PR examination.


  • Simulation of sphincter contractions allows trainees to assess anal tone
  • Left lateral positioning
  • Addition of impacted faecal matter allows trainees to recognise and distinguish this common finding


  • Anus with resting tone and the ability to contract with the use of a pulse bulb
  • Soft, partable buttocks
  • Improved anal rim
  • Softer, more realistic prostates
  • Trainer comes with a left lateral stand, and an additional Standing Position stand is available to widen training scenarios
  • Remove any excess lubricants, enemas, suppositories, or creams used
  • Clean product with a soft damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
  • Ensure trainer and its components are completely dry before storing
  • This product is latex free
  • Only use water based lubricant, such as the one supplied with the simulator (other lubricants may damage or weaken the silicone)
  • Wear gloves at all times and remove all jewellery before use
  • Lubricate your examining finger before performing a digital rectal exam
  • Do not use excessive force on the pulse bulb or anus
  • Always secure items safely and ensure that the perineum is away from sharp or heavy objects that could cause a puncture
  • This trainer is suitable for use with a simulated patient
  • Male anatomy:
  • Professional to patient communication
  • Digital examination of the anus, rectum and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of impacted faecal matter in the rectum


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