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Hot / Cold Pack Standard 15 x 25 cm

Product code: WG03338

Product description: Hot / Cold Pack Standard 15 x 25 cm

It can be used for both cold and warm compresses. This dual use makes wraps a good alternative to heating pads and ice packs. The wrap can be used any number of times, hence the product is extremely economical. Wraps are made of non-toxic materials, what's more, even when frozen to -20 degrees, they remain soft. The product can be bent at any angle, so it can cover any part of the body.

Directions for use:

The manufacturer recommends heating the compress to a maximum temperature of 95 ° C in two ways. The first is heating in a 750W microwave oven for 1 minute, and the second is traditional heating in hot water for 2 minutes. Packages can be placed in the freezer to lower the temperature.

The temperature lasts approximately 30 minutes on average.


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