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3D anatomical print - Bronchial tree

Product code: MA02674

Product description: 3D anatomical print - Bronchial tree

The highly detailed 3D model of the bronchial tree shows the airways from the trachea, spurs trachea and the entire right and left bronchial tree to the bronchial level of the tertiary lobes. Each lobe bronchus system has been color coded to illustrate the bronchopulmonary segments of the right and left lobes.

Advantages of 3D printed models:

  • Models of this type can be used in ordinary classrooms,
  • They do not wear out over time, which creates the same and equal educational conditions for students
  • Health and safety at work for both students and teachers
  • Low to maintain
  • No need for disposal
  • An alternative to plastinates, 3D models accurately reflect the "cadaver" preparations
  • Inexpensive to produce
  • Relatively fast production time
  • Possibility to make models in enlargement or reduction

Additional information:

  • stationary model
  • professional anatomy trainer for medical students


Your chosen product: 3D anatomical print - Bronchial tree
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