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Advanced Childbirth Simulator

Product code: SM02369

Product description: Advanced Childbirth Simulator

This versatile childbirth simulator is used worldwide by healthcare educators. It not only provides an excellent simulation of the normal delivery experience for the student and educator, but also provides instruction in abnormal and multiple deliveries.

It may be used for demonstration of the following obstetric procedures:


  • Normal vaginal delivery
  • Complete, frank, and footling breech birth
  • C-section delivery
  • Ritgen’s maneuver
  • Episiotomy
  • Vertex presentation
  • Intrauterine manipulation
  • Vertex/vertex, vertex/breech, breech/vertex, or breech/breech presentation in multiple birth
  • Prolapse of umbilical cord
  • Demonstration of placenta previa: total, partial, and marginal
  • Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta
  • Palpation of fetal fontanelles
  • Simulated suction of nose and mouth

Features/Scope of Delivery:

  • Removable diaphragm end plate for manual positioning of fetal baby/babies
  • Removable stomach cover for positioning fetus
  •  Life-size pelvic cavity with major anatomic landmarks
  •  Hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis
  •  Three soft vulval inserts for episiotomy exercises
  •  One baby boy and one baby girl, each with umbilical cord and placenta
  •  Anatomically accurate backbone and fontanelles on fetal baby/babies
  •  One skin-tone stomach cover
  •  One clear stomach cover
  •  Four extra umbilical cords
  •  Two umbilical clamps
  •  Talcum powder
  •  Instruction manual
  •  Soft carrying bag


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