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Gymnastic (rehabilitation) ball black 85 cm (with pump)

Product code: SR00212

Product description: Gymnastic (rehabilitation) ball black 85 cm (with pump)

Exercises with the use of a gymnastic ball contribute to the increase in muscle flexibility, improve strength, condition, posture and help maintain a healthy back. Moreover, thanks to the use of balls during exercises, motor coordination and balance are improved. The ball is characterized by incredible durability, the set also includes a pump.

The balls are available in six colors representing different sizes:

  •      yellow 45 cm,
  •       red 55 cm,
  •       green 65 cm,
  •       blue 75 cm,
  •       black 85 cm,
  •       silver 95 cm.

Recommended ball size for user's height:

  •       140-150 cm - 45 cm
  •       150-165 cm - 55 cm
  •       165-175 cm - 65 cm
  •       175-185 cm - 75 cm
  •       185-195 cm - 85 cm
  •       over 195 cm - 95 cm


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