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Adult Arm Phantom for X-Ray Training

Product code: FR01924

Product description: Adult Arm Phantom for X-Ray Training

Anatomically correct, highly realistic phantom of the upper limb (from mid-arm to hand) with complete bones that can be used for X-ray imaging.

Main features:

  • the ability to take X-ray images of the entire upper limb (from mid-arm to hand)
  • the model contains artificial bones made of realistic, patented material that mimics real tissue.
  • The x-ray phantom is ideal for medical students, electroradiologists but also for radiology technicians, because it gives the possibility of multiple imaging without side effects for the patient's body or operator.
  • Bones are embedded in realistic tissue mimics that can be transparent or opaque.
  • X-ray models can vary in size and shape due to production technology

Additional information:

  • There is a possibility to adjust the phantom of the upper limb to the needs of a given project, including placing fractures, cracks, prostheses, etc.
  • In order to make a phantom suited to the requirements of a given project, please send the specification.


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