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Ultrasound phantom - Newborn Arm

Product code: FR01908

Product description: Ultrasound phantom - Newborn Arm

The multiourpose phantom of the newborn's forearm with the possibility of IV perform under ultrasound guidance. Anatomically correct, highly realistic, it can be used for ultrasound training of intravenous injections for nurses and doctors.

Main advantages:

  • made of durable materials
  • the blood vessels are filled with ultra-soft material similar to rubber, so the phantom will never leak or require an additional blood-mimicking liquid.
  • designed to learn about placing needles under ultrasound guidance without having to take blood.

Fantom has the following functions:

  • Upper limb of the newborn baby - forearm palm, proximal arm fragment
  • Realistic leather, very high quality
  • Anatomically correct blood vessels
  • Compatible with ultrasonic imaging
  • Injectable

It is possible to adjust the phantom function to the needs of a given project. For pricing, please send us your specifications.



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