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Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid

Product code: SM01459

Product description: Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid

Product information: Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid
This new and improved Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid™ still features four barely discernible blue veins in three different sizes, with the fourth vein deeply placed, all within our proprietary latex-free Dermalike™ for a realistic training scenario just like accessing a real patient! As the IV catheter enters the vein, a realistic “flashback” of simulated blood confirms proper needle placement, helping build hand-eye coordination, confidence, and improving competency, while insuring your patient’s safety. The intravenous cannula insertion can be also performed with this item.

Hinged top and base eliminate the need to pass components through the top
Leak resistant – Now featuring a single length of tubing, no connections needed
No Velcro needed – Bubble trap and stopcock removal and replacement are confirmed by an audible “click”
No Velcro needed – The hinged top has an integral molded hook for placement of blood bag

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