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Canine Positioning Manikin

Product code: M01394

Product description: Canine Positioning Manikin

A life-size phantom of a large  dog with mobile limbs with realistic resistance in the joints, a flexible tongue, a realistic jaw with teeth and a movable lower jaw. The phantom is designed to improve the skills of proper "positoning" of the animal depending on the type of treatment performed, e.g .:

abdominal surgery, X-rays, sterilization, castration, advanced spine stabilization position on the back and others. 

Students learn how to position dogs for

  • abdominal surgery,
  • x-ray,
  • spay and neuter,
  • advanced spinal stabilization,
  • spinal recumbency and more.

The phantom consists built-in internal skeleton with the ability to move limbs, which put realistic resistance when laying on the treatment table.

This product comes complete with carrying case and brush.



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