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Medical Equipment / Massage
It is used for relaxing back massage. It has knobs of different sizes:        larger knobs provide a wide and gentle pressure,      smaller knobs give a deep and ...
The original Index Knobber II massage device allows you to apply deep, constant and precise pressure to trigger points. It is used for massage of sore and stiff muscles. The special shape of the massage device ...
It is often used to massage tight, tired and sore muscles. It serves, among others massage: back, neck, shoulders and legs. Attention! Please let us know what color you are interested in. In the absence of information, ...
It allows you to apply a sufficiently large dose of pressure to relax the muscles for any long period. The locking mechanism allows the device to be disassembled into its parts for easy transport and storage. ...
It is a light and durable device that facilitates manual work. Intended for massage of tense, tired and sore muscles and for developing trigger points. Especially useful in point massage. ...

Medical Equipment - Massage

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