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High accuracy models to anatomy teaching training
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High accuracy models to anatomy teaching training / 3D head model
Product information: This unique model has been created from CT imaging and segmentation of the internal spaces of the viscerocranium. Parts of the skull have been retained but sections or windows have been removed to ...
Product information: This large, multipart 3D printed specimen displays a great deal of anatomy spanning the head, neck, thorax, axillae and upper limbs. Head and neck: The head and neck of the specimen ...
Product information: Dural skull This 3D print of a dissected and opened cranial cavity displays the dural folds and dural venous sinuses, including the falx cerebri (preserved by a retained midsagittal portion of ...
Product information: Circle of Willis This 3D printed specimen demonstrates the intracranial arteries that supply the brain relative to the inferior portions of the viscero- and neurocranium. This print was created ...
Product information: This 3 part 3D printed model derived from CT data highlights the complex anatomy of the temporal bone including bone ossicles, canals, chambers, foramina and air spaces. In addition, the ...
Product information: Lateral aspect of the face: A window has been created to expose the parotid region. The pinna of the ear has been left intact, however the mastoid process has been exposed by reflection of the ...
Product information: In this 3D printed specimen of a midsagittally-sectioned right face and neck, the ramus, coronoid process and head of the mandible have been removed to expose the deep part of the infratemporal ...
Product information: Model of Head and visceral column of the neck This 3D print specimen preserves a series of features of the head and visceral column of the neck: The face: On the right side of the head the parotid ...

High accuracy models to anatomy teaching training - 3D head model

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